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50/80 min 4x4 Experience

Looking to book for one or two people? Our 50 min hands on 4x4 Driving Experience is the perfect intermediate session for anyone who wants to see what a 4x4 can do off road and maybe wants to bring along a friend to spectate or share the drive! Your guest will get to enjoy features including the mud run, ascents, descents, water features and sideslopes during this experience. Allow about 1hr 30mins for your visit including check in, meet your Instructor,  safety brief over a tea / coffee. 

The Ultimate Off Road Driving Experience ­­- 5 Star rated!

Now's your chance to go off road and have some thrilling 4x4 fun as seen on Top Gear. Our exp­ert instructors are on hand to­ help you get the maximum in exhilaration and performance from one of these amazing ­vehicles – in complete safety. Get behind the wheel and try water splashes, see saws, huge hills, side­ slopes, axle twisters and craters large enough to swallow a house in one of our purpose built Trail Parks which are adventure playgrounds designed to allow you to test the vehicles abilities and discover the experts “tricks of the trade.” We guarantee you a truly enjoyable new experience that will put the pleasu­re back into driving. ­

 Combined 4x4 and  Award Winning Hotel, Short Break Packages from £168 for 2 persons!

2 for 1 Offer - Ends Soon

Treat two people for the price of one.....how amazing is that! Book for one person and they can enjoy their experience with a friend - who can also drive during the experience if they want to!  The driving time is shared between guests - perfect for treating two people at the same time without having to book two vouchers! Sound brilliant? It is!

This offer automatically applies when you buy any selected Motor Safari Gift Voucher online or over the phone. You will receive an additional blank driving guest voucher when you book. Alternatively just let us know who the voucher is for within the comments box at the end of the purchase! This offer is only available on V1P experience sessions.

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This 50 min Gold 4x4 Gift Voucher Includes:

• Electronic E-Voucher 
• Voucher for a Birthday or Christmas? Let us know
and we will make the voucher valid from that
special day!

What is V1P?

Our spectacular V1P session allows your guest to enjoy a
1:1 tuition with one of our top instructors with the the 4x4
just to themselves! Perfect for a tailor made 4x4

This 4x4 Off Road Driving Experience is available at our main national centre near Chester 7 days a week

The time stated below are Hands On In Car Driving Times (V1P Only).

Please allow up to an additional 30minutes for checking in, driver safety briefings etc...


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